About the Community Standards category

This section is where staff members will post or update our Community guidelines to ensure a safe community environment for everyone. We ask that you please read our guidelines carefully and re-read it when there is an update to the guidelines. We will notify you of any changes that we may make to any topic in this category. If we were to make any changes the new guidelines will be in effect meaning that you must follow and agree to the new terms upon logging back into the Forum. Make sure to read the Privacy Policy as well because it refers to the information that we collect from our users and what we share or don’t share outside of the forum. You are required to follow our Rules as well. There will be Global Rules and Local Rules.

What are Global Rules?

  • Rules that apply everywhere throughout the Forum in every category.
  • They are the Main Rules of the Forum as a whole.
  • Punishments of not following the Global Rules can be severe up to Account deactivation.
  • New Global Rules must be followed as they are published. (You’ll be notified).

What are Local Rules?

  • Rules that only apply to a specific section/category of the Forum.
  • Rules set by Category Mods or Forum Staff.
  • Explains how to use a specific category.
  • Punishments for breaking these rules are less severe as they are dealt with category mods. Punishments include unlisting topics, closing topics, deleting topics, etc… only for the specific category. However, if a user flags a post of breaking the Global Rule or if your post has been recently moderated in the category then Forum Staff may step in and take the appropriate action such as silencing you from starting topic or replying to topics.