About the General category

This section is for the Community to communicate other members of the forum. However, there are rules that must be followed when using this category listed below.

Local Rules:

  1. Do Not create duplicate topics as it will create clutter and look messy.
  2. Do Not engage in arguments with anyone whatsoever in this category.
  3. No bashing, blaming, bullying, or otherwise being rude to another member of the community. They came here to share their content, and no one should feel ashamed.
  4. Please keep topics related to the category. Any off-topic posts may be flagged by the community and will be removed or if a Moderator/Admin comes across an off-topic post while looking around the Forum.
  5. Do Not Bump topics by replying “Bump”, “First”, “Next”, etc… as these replies are considered spam and will be removed.
  6. Follow the Terms of Service guidelines and agree to the terms.
  7. Please be an active member in the community as it will help keep conversations flowing.
  8. Do Not use this Category to ask for Help or report Bugs. Bugs must reported in the respected category called Bug Reports (Coming Soon! In the meantime, email support@ready-n-shop.com with the subject line Bug Report). For Help inquiries, email support@ready-n-shop.com with the Subject line “Help”.