About the Seller Marketplace category

This category is for our Marketplace Sellers to post their listings for the products they are selling. You must also follow the rules before posting a listing.

Local Rules

  • Do not direct users off our platform to complete a transaction as this can be defined as scamming and your account will be suspended.

  • Do not post illegal listing which include but not limited to Firearms, Melee weapons, bombs, Alcohol, CBD products, Tobacco, Drugs, or anything else that violates our payment provider’s policy as defined in on this page: https://www.wix.com/about/terms-of-payments

  • Do not post offers less than $20. Any offer below this amount will be removed and you will receive a friendly reminder. If you do it again the post will once again be removed but this time you will receive an official warning up to account deletion. The reason why you may not post these offers is because often times lowball prices may be misleading which leads to scamming.

  • All listings must include a minimum of 3 photos per listing so we have enough visual to look at to know what you are selling. 1 picture isn’t enough as we won’t be able to notice the entire product you are trying to sell.

  • Buyers may not price bash the merchants. Price bashing occurs when a buyer claims that a merchant’s prices are unreasonably high or low depending on how they set prices. Note: You may ask the Merchant for a better offer but don’t outright claim that their prices are outrageous and unreasonable.

  • All Payments must be done on our site so we can give Sellers a commission. You must upload your products to our site via the Seller Dashboard page. Customers may buy your listing offsite but you may Not direct customers from our site to make a purchase. You must gain your own customers elsewhere to purchase your products if if is offsite. However, if you are using our services to sell your products you may use our customer but purchases must be done through our site. Read above Carefully and call us for clarification.

  • We prohibit the use of crypto-currency on our site to make any purchases. If you are caught using any form of crypto-currency to accept any payments from customers while using our services your Payout will cancelled and your seller account will be suspended.

  • Do Not share any confidential information through Private Chat, Email, Phone, Forums, or our site. This includes but not limited to Email, Phone, Address, Payment Info, Name, Personal Documents (Social Security Number, Passport, Drivers License, Bank Info, Credit Card Info), etc… You will receive a shadow ban if you are caught. A shadow ban is where your activity is invisible to other members but only yourself can see your activity.

Global Rules also apply!