Global Rules for the Forum

Global Rule 1
Off Topic

  • Post topics and replies in the correct category that it is meant for.
  • Search before posting a Topic.
  • Replies to a Topic must also be on Topic that relates to the post.
  • If you go Off-Topic you will be notified by Staff that your Topic or Reply is Off-Topic and you will be asked to review the Categories About section or review the post of the author for a proper reply to stay on Topic.

Bullying / Harassment

  • Bullying other members and harassing them about their posts will not be tolerated. This includes bullying and harassment targeted towards staff members as well.
  • This is absolutely Not going to be tolerated! Staff will be allowed to take any action that they determine fits the situation to end the bullying / harassment.


  • Do Not try to enforce rules on another member as though you were a staff member as this is seen as Mini-Modding and will Not be tolerated!
  • Under any circumstance No One is allowed to call out someone that is Mini-Modding as this falls under the Bullying / Harassment rule but mostly considered Harassment than bullying.
  • Always Flag a member that you believe is Mini-Modding so Official Staff can handle the situation. DO NOT escalate the situation or Staff will hand out severe punishments in their sole discretion with or without notice at any time they feel that you broke a rule.


  • Swearing on the Forum is strictly prohibited! Including but not limited to Racial Slurs, F* Bombs, etc…
  • If you are caught swearing you will be Muted by Staff and the duration will be up to the Staff member to decide.
  • Don’t swear even if it is indirect meaning that if you swore but it’s not targeted at anyone. This still counts as swearing.
  • If you swear but it is an accident you will receive an official warning from Staff that will ask you to apologize to all the members that commented on the Forum and to apologize to Staff by sending a Message to the Staff Group. You will also be asked to remove the post in a specific amount of time that will be determined by Staff.

Hacking / Exploiting the Forum

  • Attempting to Hack or Exploit the Forum in any way, shape, or form will lead to an account termination immediately without notice.
  • Local Authorities will be notified of the incident and will investigate the cause of the Hack / Exploit to determine if it was a legitimate hack / exploit that could lead to felony charges.
  • We reserve the right to take legal action on any of the participating parties that are involved in the incident and there will be pressed charges as applicable by federal and state laws.


  • We treat everyone on this Forum equally regardless of Race, Color, Ethnicity, Religion, Origin, Racial Background, Sexual Orientation, etc…
  • There will be severe consequences for people that break this rule by Discriminating others based on the characteristics listed above.

Scamming / Misleading

  • All Posts that are suspicious will be held for review by Staff for further investigation to determine whether or not the post is trying to pull of a scam or is inevitably misleading others with false information.
  • If a post that we determined to be misleading or is a scam will be removed from the forum and the Author of the Post will be notified with a friendly reminder.
  • Do Not repost a post that was removed by Staff or restrictions may be placed on your account limiting your ability to post new topics or replies.

Posting in wrong Category

  • Don’t worry we got your back on this rule. If it was an accident because you are new to the forum, we can move your post to the correct category so you don’t have to worry and we will send you a notification to let you know that we moved your post.
  • If we have to continue correcting your Forum post to the correct category, you will receive an official warning and Staff will decide on what they want to do with the post such as deleting the post, unlist, close comments, or move the post.
  • Please Read the About section of each category to determine where you should post your topic.

Inappropriate Content

  • Post that contain any NFSW content will be Unlisted and Removed from the Forum to protect other users on the platform as we do have Minors of the age 13 and Older that will be using the Forum.
  • Your account will be terminated at the duration that will be determined by a Staff member.
  • If your post depicts Child endangerment or any other disturbing images that contains a minor, we will report to the Missing and Exploited Children Association and Local Authorities about this behavior.


  • You may not impersonate another user on the Forum unless you are an Administrator for the purpose of debugging.
  • Using inspect element to pretend that you are impersonating another user is also forbidden on the Forum and the Ready n Shop website which can lead to Account Termination as it violates our Terms of Service under the category of Hacking/Compromising another user as well as impersonation. Note: even though you didn’t hack the user it could be seen in that way by using HTML Markup tools to change the appearance of a page.
  • Do Not sign into another user’s account that you don’t own. This includes family members or friends unless they have given you explicit consent in writing to authorize you access to their account.