New Member's Cards Layout

We have changed the design of the Member’s cards which you can view on the members page. We decided to make the edges rounded and remove the Follower count from the member’s page as we don’t support the followers feature. If you would like us to add this feature back we can do that. Also, another thing to add is that Suspended members are unable to follow other members or chat with other members. The only chat you can do is with the Support team. Note: Any moderation action that have taken place on your account must be sent to the support email. We won’t discuss moderation through Live Chat or any other platform. Anyways, let’s continue with talking about the new Member’s cards. So, here are some images of the member’s cards.

As, you can see no more sharp edges and the Follower count is gone. The only things visible is the Member’s profile picture, Nickname, Role, Badges, Report Feature, and Message Button. Note: Roles are for Administrators or Forum Moderators and you won’t see the Report button on Staff accounts because Staff members can’t be reported.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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