Welcome to Discourse!

First off we would like to welcome our new members of the community! This is where you will create Topics related to the products that we sell. To get started with creating your own Topic you must be Trust Level 1: Member to create post. Information on how to level up will be discussed in another post. Here are some important information below:

How do I edit my post?

To edit your post click the eclipse icon which looks like this image and click on the image icon at the bottom of your post. You can now edit the text and change the Topic name as well as the Category. You can also change the tags or add more tags. Now that you finished typing your draft click the image icon and it will save your edit. Note: You won’t be able to edit your post if it has been locked by a Staff member. If a Staff member edits your post it may be auto-locked unless an Admin turns off the setting that locks post when a Staff member edits.

My Topic has been closed! Why?

Your topic may be closed by a Staff member if they determine that your topic has broken a rule or if your topic is currently under review. Also, Trust Level 4 Users are able to close topics without the assistance of a Moderator or Admin. Trust Level 3 can cause a topic to close if more than one Trust Level 3 user reports your topic. If your topic is to gain attention by trying to get people to react to it and make comments or if there are tons of inappropriate comments your topic may be closed. However, your topic is still visible to everyone but they can’t make comments or replies. The topic Owner may also make a request to close their topic if they report that there are lots of spammers or trollers.

How do I become an Admin or Mod?

Admins and Moderators are given to those that meet these requirements below:
1. Receive no Flags (last 6 months)
2. Clean Moderation history (last 6 months)
3. Flags at least 10 posts (last 6 months)
4. Must earn Trust Level 4 which is given by a Staff member.
5. Engaged in the community (must be an active member). non-active members will lose their powers.
6. Never asked for Mod or Admin or Staff in general.
7. As a Trust Level 4 User must closed at least 5 Topics that break the rules or falls under the Spam, off-topic, and inappropriate categories.
8. Can’t be reported by another member of the community for Abuse. (If you are reported for abuse we will do an investigation to determine if the abuse report is accurate and genuine. We will ignore false reports and take action on the User that made a false report on you.)
9. Must have a clean record of any penalties which include Official Warnings, Bans, Mutes, IP Bans, and Account Deactivation.
10. Must be responsible and use powers if there is an issue in the community. Don’t use your powers to show off or prove anything. If a member claims that you are not an Admin or Mod but you are, we ask that you don’t engage and leave it to a Staff member that is in charge to address the situation.
11. Must work at Ready n Shop as a paying job. We only hire people if we make enough sales to pay them. However, you can still become an Admin or Mod if you work at Ready n Shop without pay but you must have experience to work without pay. Note: The only time you will work unpaid is if you tell us in writing that you are willing to work without receiving pay. Otherwise, you will be required to receive pay on a weekly basis through Paypal.

How do I know what to post and where to post?

You are allowed to post anything you like if it doesn’t violate our TOS which can be read here. If you want to know where to post your topic please refer to the about section located in every category. It will describe what the category is used for so you will know where to post.


  1. Stay on Topic!
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated with respect.
  3. No profanity!
  4. No threats.
  5. No scamming.
  6. No spamming.
  7. Only mention a user if they gave you permission.
  8. Keep the conversation flowing.
  9. No Arguments.
  10. Follow our Global Rules as well.

No comments allowed. This post is for information only!