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Community Standards

This section is where staff members will post or update our Community guidelines to ensure a safe community environment for everyone. We ask that you please read our guidelines carefully and re-read it when there is an update to the guidelines. We will notify you of any changes that we may make to any topic in this category. If we were to make any changes the new guidelines will be in effect meaning that you must follow and agree to the new terms upon logging back into the Forum. Make sure to read the Privacy Policy as well because it refers to the information that we collect from our users and what we share or don’t share outside of the forum. You are required to follow our Rules as well. There will be Global Rules and Local Rules.


Welcome to the Announcements! This is where you can find new updates that we have released for our website or if there are any Forum updates or changes. We will also post our status page in here in case of any issues with the site going down.


This section is for the Community to communicate other members of the forum. However, there are rules that must be followed when using this category listed below.

Seller Marketplace

This category is for our Marketplace Sellers to post their listings for the products they are selling. You must also follow the rules before posting a listing.

Promotion Videos

This category is intended for Staff only to post promo videos about Ready n Shop or products that we offer. You are only allowed to reply to the posts. (Must be appropriate and meet our guidelines.)